How to Make Very Berry Smoothie Recipes

How to Make Very Berry Smoothie Recipes - This one doesn’t include blueberries, but instead is made with the 2 other favorite berries – strawberries and raspberries! It’s a simple recipe you’re sure to love.

Very Berry Smoothie Ingredients:

* 1 cup of crushed ice
* 3 tbsp white sugar
* 1 cup of milk (low-fat, if you prefer)
* 1 cup (about 5-8) frozen or fresh strawberries
* 1 cup raspberries

Very Berry Smoothie Directions:

Put all the ingredients, except for the ice, into the blender and blend until the mixture is smooth. Then, add the ice and keep blending until the smoothie has reached the consistency you like to have. For extra creaminess, add 4 ounces of plain yogurt to the mix.