How to Make Tropical Smoothie Recipes

How to Make Tropical Smoothie Recipes - There is nothing better than sitting back on the beach enjoying a nice smoothie. While there are many choices for smoothies, there’s nothing better than good tropical smoothie recipes for those hot summer days. Of course, everyone would ideally like to enjoy their tropical smoothie on a beach in Hawaii but even just sitting on the deck in your back yard sipping a smoothie is an enjoyable experience.

A tropical smoothie can contain many variations depending on personal preference. They typically have at least a pineapple or banana in them since those are tastes typically associated with the tropics. In addition to those two fruits, most tropical smoothie recipes will yield a lighter colored drink. Why Are Tropical Smoothies So Good?

Tropical smoothies can make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation with the wind blowing in your hair, even if you’re just sitting on a break bench at work. The strong aroma from the drink can quickly bring you back to a favorite beach vacation from your past. Making a fresh tropical smoothie can be quick and easy by just taking a smoothie mix, following the basic instructions and adding a large piece of pineapple. This would be the simplest form of a tropical smoothie but most people prefer to get much more creative than that. Mixing a pineapple and a banana is probably the most common combination and that often serves as the starting point for many good tropical smoothie recipes.

Once you’ve tried the basics for tropical smoothies, it is fun to experiment with adding other fruits or flavorings. Strawberries can be a great choice and will typically result in a light pinkish drink which fits right in with the tropical theme of the drink. Something of an underrated addition to any tropical smoothie would be coconut! Coconuts are not always readily available in many areas, so some people choose to use coconut extract as a substitute – but if you can find it fresh, that’s the way to go. The smooth flavor of a coconut will compliment the sweetness of a pineapple and of course, a coconut is perhaps the most tropical of all fruits.

To complete the look, many restaurants will include a mini-umbrella in their tropical smoothies and that’s a fun and easy addition anyone can add at home as well. Another way to make sure your smoothie looks like it was delivered right from a tropical island is to garnish the glass with pieces of tropical fruit like a pineapple, coconut or even a cherry. Having this fresh fruit on the side is an attractive and great tasting little bonus for every tropical smoothie recipe.

Tropical islands are known for the exciting and delicious drinks you can find there, so why not make them at home and bring the excitement of the tropics to your own back yard? The simple to follow recipes for a great tropical smoothie will have you relaxing with a cold drink in your hand in no time.

How to Make Tropical Smoothies

Whether you’re just looking for a refreshing drink or trying to relive a favorite sunny vacation, you have to try these great tasting tropical smoothie recipes!

Layered Mango and More Smoothie

This is a really unique smoothie that will take a little extra work, but it will be more than worth it. The reason it’s more complicated is that it’s supposed to have 2 different colored layers when it’s served. The bottom layer will be yellow and the top will be pink. Here’s how it works…


Top layer:

* 1 tbsp lime juice
* 10 strawberries
* 1 banana
* ½ cup ice cubes
* Bottom layer
* 1 tbsp lime juice
* ½ cup orange juice
* 1 mango
* 2 tbsp honey
* ½ cup ice cubes


This smoothie is going to have two parts, if you haven’t guessed that yet. You’ll have to make them separately. First you’ll want to prepare the mango. Peel the skin off the mango, remove the pit and chop it into smaller pieces. Next, chop up the banana into several pieces. Take your strawberries and cut each one in half, so you’ll end up with 20 halves.

Next, blend the mango, honey, ½ cup of ice cubes, orange juice and1 tablespoon of lime juice until they’re smooth. Pour the mixture into 2 separate drinking glasses, dividing evenly. Rinse the blender and blend together the rest of the ingredients. When they’re ready, gently pour this blend into the glasses, trying to keep the two colored halves from mixing. You should end up with 2 servings of smoothies, each with 2 layers of colors and flavors. Pretty cool, right? Don’t forget to take a picture of this beautiful creation before enjoying your delicious tropical drinks!

Pineapple Citrus Smoothie

This is a simple one, but no less tropical. It’s sure to take your mind back to a pleasant memory. This recipe should result in several servings, so you could share the good times with your friends or family.


* 1.5 cups pineapple juice
* 1.5 cups orange juice
* 4 cups grapefruit juice
* 1.5 cups mineral water


Unlike the Layered Mango and More Smoothie, the directions for this smoothie are simple. Just blend all the ingredients together. This makes for a great tropical drink, but if you like to have a bit more creaminess, try adding some plain yogurt to the mix.