How to Make Types of Breakfast Smoothies Recipes

How to Make Types of Breakfast Smoothies Recipes - There are many different kinds of breakfast smoothie recipes. Some are focused around fruits, while others incorporate ingredients less commonly found in most smoothies, like oatmeal or bran. It all depends on what you like to eat, the variety you like to have in your daily routine and the combination of nutrition you’re striving for.

If you like fruits and berries go ahead and mix in some orange juice, bananas and strawberries. You can even add in some mango to add a little extra sweetness. If you’re trying to cut down on the sugar content while maintaining a high nutritional value, use skim milk and bran cereal, flavored with a little cinnamon and vanilla extract. Add an apple for taste and consistency, and you’ve got a filling and nutritious breakfast in a cup!

Some of the most popular types of breakfast smoothie recipes are the ones that list oatmeal as an ingredient. So many people are used to eating oatmeal for breakfast, it’s only natural they would want it in their breakfast smoothies. For a delicious oatmeal smoothie, mix in a banana, apple juice and some maple syrup in the blender with your oatmeal – you will be pleasantly surprised at how tasty this simple combination turns out.

Whether or not you are used to drinking smoothies for breakfast, or whether you eat breakfast at all, now is a good time to start. Find your favorite breakfast smoothie recipes and rotate them throughout the week. The variety will keep you from getting tired of your morning routine, and you’ll be pleased with how delicious and nutritious your breakfast is every single day!