Tasty Healthy Drink Recipes for Blenders

Tasty Healthy Drink Recipes for Blenders - Healthy drink recipes for blenders don’t only let you have your juices and smoothies whenever you want them, but they also allow you to control how much sugar and other unhealthy ingredients go into your drink.

Even when you go to the healthy smoothie place down the street, they often add more sugar than you would if you made a healthy smoothie in your own home. Besides not being good for you, sugar adds calories that you may not want or need.

Making your own healthy drinks using your kitchen blender is usually cheaper, too, and better for the environment since you use your own glass and not a plastic one like they give you at a smoothie shop.

There are many different healthy drink recipes for blenders to choose from and most of them have a few ingredients in common. The key is to experiment with your own tastes and create a unique recipe that suits you.

Common Ingredients in Healthy Drink Recipes for Blenders

Some people like to use frozen bananas to give a very different flavor and texture to their drinks and other people like to blend them soft. If you’re going to freeze your bananas, make sure you peel them first and cut them into small chunks, so they won’t clog your blender.

Protein Powder
You can get this in all sorts of varieties, such as soy, whey, and egg, and also in many different flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and plain. This can be a good addition for making your own meal replacement shakes.