Easy Best Strawberry Daiquiri Recipes

Easy Best Strawberry Daiquiri Recipes - There is nothing more tempting than ripe, juicy and bright red strawberries… nothing except a refreshing, delicious strawberry daiquiri. Whether you’re looking for something to serve during a summer party, crave something sweet that will remind you of your last holiday or simply searching for a new favorite cocktail – a strawberry daiquiri won’t let you down.

Daiquiris are a group of cocktails that originated in Cuba – a country of vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches and aromatic cigars. According to some sources, however, the daiquiri was actually invented by Jennings Cox, an American, who lived in Cuba around 1898. The drink’s popularity gradually spread and in the 1940s it became a regular drink of choice for many Americans. The famous people who allegedly adored daiquiris are said to include John F.

Kennedy and American writer Ernest Hemingway. Nevertheless, what makes the strawberry daiquiri irresistible is not its famous following (although the fan club undoubtedly exists) but its sweet yet tangy finish, refreshing yet smooth taste and eye catching color. That said, today’s daiquiris won’t be the same as those enjoyed by its past devotees. Originally the cocktail was served as three ounces of rum in a tall glass with a handful of cracked ice and a teaspoon of sugar as well as a lime juice poured over it. A long handled spoon was used to stir the drink. This evolved as contemporary daiquiri drinkers enjoy it mixed in a shaker and although the ingredients remained the same, daiquiris are commonly served in flute glasses – preferably chilled.

This magnificent Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe makes approximately 8 servings. Although it calls for frozen strawberries you can also make it with fresh ones and add a few extra ice cubes so that the cocktail is nice and chilled. The daiquiris are best made in electronic blender as this ensures a smooth consistency of the drink.

Strawberry Daiquiri Ingredients:

* 5 heaped cups of ice (shaved ice or ice cubes will be fine)
* ¾ cup of white rum (a good rum can really make a difference. Many people praise Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and Bacardi but if you like coconut flavor you might try adding Malibu)
* 1 cup of frozen strawberries (this is approximately 125g) – you can use frozen strawberries in syrup as these are ideal for daiquiris.
* ½ cup of sugar
* ¼ cup lime-flavored cordial
* Juice from 1 freshly squeezed lime
* Juice from 1 freshly squeezed lemon


1. In electronic blender, blend until smooth all the ingredients except the ice.

2. When the consistency is smooth add the ice and continue blending for few minutes.

3. Serve the daiquiris in margarita glasses or cocktail glasses on hand (chilled ones).

4. To finish, garnish with a piece of strawberry, a pineapple or a lemon wedge.

5. Don’t forget the straw!