Easy Seafood Salad Recipe for Summer

Easy Seafood Salad Recipe for Summer - The 'official' common name for monkfish is American goosefish.

However, the market name is monkfish and this is widely used. Other common names are allmouth, molligut and fishing frog.

Serves 4
* Cooks in 12 minutes

* 450g/1lb cooked shelled prawns
* 225g/8ozs cooked monkfish
* Selection of fruits i.e. strawberries, pink grapefruit, green and black grapes, watermelon
* 1 carton natural yoghurt
* A few sprigs of fresh dill and fresh chives
* Juice 1/2 lemon



Mix together natural yoghurt, chopped dill, chopped chives and lemon juice

Slice the fruit and arrange on a serving dish with the fish

Serve dressing separately.