Pumpkin Bread Smoothie Breakfast Recipes

The Easy Pumpkin Bread Smoothie Breakfast Recipes - Being able to prepare a breakfast is not an easy task; you just need to see the number of topics that involve easy breakfast recipes. Though many love to eat a breakfast, they are clueless of how to go about it, and this not just because they are bad in the kitchen or cannot afford the food.

It is just because most people were brought up on a breakfast of cereal and milk and know nothing else. As much as cereal may be a quick way to fix, maybe your current family is not really into cereal, or maybe you have young children for whom, whole meal cereal may be a last option.

Of the many options available, have your house stocked up on fruit, nuts, butters and wheat or almond flour. If you are the healthy type and don’t mind a little creativity try this pumpkin bread and you will never go out on a hungry stomach.

What you will need:

* A slice of pumpkin
* Salt to taste
* Cinnamon powder
* Ginger powder
* Cooking Oil
* Flour


Boil the pumpkin until tender the night before
Mash it, and then add the spices and salt
Mix in flour and kneed to soft dough,
Store this in an airtight bag.
In the morning, add a little oil to the dough and kneed some more until soft and even
Cut the dough into even sizes, spread out to a round shape and cook until brown on a pan.
The best accompaniment for this would be some cinnamon tea and spread either honey or marmalade to the bread.

As far as we are talking about easy breakfast recipes, it does not get easier than a smoothie. A smoothie can be easily packed with all types of nutrients and only takes a few minutes to prepare.

This is how to prepare a colorful smoothie


* One ripe Banana
* Handful of grapes
* One cup of milk
* A spoonful of peanut butter

Pile everything into a blender and blend until smooth consistency, add a hint of lemon juice and you’re good to go. A whole grain lunch bar completes this kind of easy breakfast recipe.

If you prefer to have a bit of a chew, bake and freeze some nutrient filled muffins to eat with your coffee of breakfast juice. Instead of using sugar in the recipe, it may help to substitute with a natural fruit sugar, and bananas win this test hands down.

When all else fails, cook extra dinner to warm for an easy breakfast recipe at no extra hustle. This of course should not be the cheesecake, but more of the main course and less of the dessert. Such overnight meals can be made to have a fresh appeal by adding maybe a fresh vegetable or warming it up with a big of cheese if the combination works. But have at least one freshly made item on the table, like freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. You want something tangy to detract from the lethargic feeling of “oh no this is food is overcooked.”