Benefits How to Make Recipe for POG Juice

Benefits How to Make Recipe for POG Juice - POG juice is a tropical fruit juice blend first created in Hawaii by a food consultant named Mary Soon. This particularly refreshing and great tasting juice is a blend of Passion Fruit juice, Orange juice and Guava juice, with the name coming from the initial letters of the three juices. The actual blend recipe is a secret, but it is fairly simple to experiment with different proportions of each juice until you find a blend you happen to prefer.POG

One popular recipe is 1 part passion fruit juice, 1 part guava fruit juice and ½ part orange juice, and then add sugar to taste, if you want it sweetened. The original Hawaiian commercial POG juice has a lot of added sugar which makes it very sweet. Serve over ice.

Naturally you can use this recipe with store-bought juices or you can use an electric juicer with the fresh fruit for a more natural and vitamin rich end result. Just read the labels carefully on all store bought juices as sometimes they are already blended with apple or grape juice to sweeten them, and they almost always have added preservatives.

Some people swear that adding the juice of one or two pineapple rings to the overall blend adds something extra special to the flavour. As an alternative to the plain juice you can pour the POG juice and ice into a blender and blend until the ice is crushed and the juice is thick and frothy.

Another option is to chill the fresh mix of POG juice and then add ginger ale or even sparkling wine / champagne to make it a little fizzy and festive. For a delicious tropical cocktail try POG juice and rum shaken with ice and served with a ¼ slice of pineapple over the rim of the glass. If you are not keen on the taste of rum, try POG juice and vodka or even POG juice and tequila cocktails.

pogPOG juice is also useful in cooking. To add a very special and delicious flavour to pork, braise it in POG juice. The result is an excellent yet unusual taste and your guests will rave about it and demand to know your culinary secret.

You can also freeze POG juice in popsicle moulds to produce a healthy frozen treat loved by kids and adults alike.pog

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but remember that many store bought juices have added preservatives. If you are making your own POG juice from start with fresh fruit and an electric juicer there will be no added preservatives and you will want to drink your juice fresh rather than making and storing large quantities for later consumption, even if keeping it refrigerated. This is particularly true if you are adding sugar to the juice. But then it tastes much better when you drink it fresh anyway.