Easy Resipes Golden Roll Filled Omelet

Easy Resipes Golden Roll Filled Omelet - The stuffed omelet is a fast dish that is always suitable for emergencies: when there is no bread at home, when time is missing, when you suddenly get over the craving.

Eggs are prepared in no time and also nutritious, so a rolled, stuffed omelet can also be used as a quick-enchanted dinner with the family. And if you need to improvise an aperitif among friends at the last minute, the golden roll will help you out of trouble.

* 4 eggs
* grated Parmesan cheese
* 100 g Premium cooked ham
* 6 thin slices of Asiago cheese
* 50 g butter
* Salt
* Pepper

The recipe:

Beat the eggs in a bowl and mix vigorously, add a handful of grated parmesan cheese, a pinch of salt and some ground pepper and mix well. Melt the butter in a pan large enough for 4 eggs.

You can also prepare two omelettes, but it is important that they become very thin, almost like crepes. Pour eggs into the pan and fry the omelet on both sides, then remove from the stove and cover with the cheese on the whole surface.

Place the slices of cooked ham over it and then roll together as tightly as possible, remove from the pan and arrange on a plate. Cut into slices and serve lukewarm. You can also leave the roll to cool, wrap in aluminium foil and store in the fridge.