Easy Delicious Chicken Marsala (Quick and Healthy)

Easy Delicious Chicken Marsala (Quick and Healthy) - Looking for Chicken Marsala Recipe? Well for once you have come to the right place. Chicken Marsala is one of the oldest and spiciest Italian chicken recipes that you will ever find. It is so tasty that it will take your taste buds to a level that you have never even imagined before.

Chicken Marsala Recipe, the original one is very hard to get by. A lot of people have adopted different ways to cook Chicken Marsala but if you want to get a taste of the real ethnic Chicken Marsala Recipe then we will present it to you. The ingredients are huge but the process is quite simple. In fact, in this process of this Chicken Marsala Recipe you will be able to prepare it with ease and you will be able to serve it at a short notice too.

Chicken Marsala is an excellent chicken dish and it will leave your guests licking their fingers and asking for more. It is the perfect dish to make on a weekend when you are at home and your husband expects you to cook something good and all you want is to relax and cook something easy and tasty. In such a case, this is the recipe that you are looking for.

Ingredients for Chicken Marsala Recipe: The ingredients for the Chicken Marsala Recipe are as follows:

* 1.5 pounds chicken, preferably, 4 pieces of chicken breasts (boneless and skinless).
* For dredging, you require an all purpose flour.
* Black pepper, freshly ground and kosher salt.
* Quarter cup Virgin olive oil.
* 4 ounces of thinly sliced prosciutto.
* 8 ounces of halved and stemmed mushrooms, either crimini or porcini.
* Half cup of sweet Marsala wine.
* Half cup of chicken stock.
* 2 tablespoon of butter, unsalted.
* Quarter cup of flat leaf parsley, chopped.
* Cooking sherry.
* Half teaspoon of dried oregano.

Instructions to cook Chicken Marsala Recipe: Here are the direction to cook a mouth watering Chicken Marsala Recipe for you and your family. The steps are:

1. Take the four neatly cut chicken breast pieces in a clean and separate container.
2. Now take a bowl or a shallow type of dish and mix the all purpose flour with the black pepper, salt, oregano and prosciutto. Now make it a thick mixture.
3. Now, it is time to wrap the chicken pieces into this mixture. Coat the chicken pieces nicely so that it is covered properly.
4. Now, take a large sized skillet or pan and melt the butter over it. Keep the heat medium.
5. Put the chicken in the pan and fry until a light brown color is obtained.
6. Now, add over the mushrooms and also turn the chicken pieces over. It is now time to add the Marsala wine and the sherry.
7. Cover the pan with something and let the chicken simmer for at least 10 minutes.
8. Keep on turning over the chicken unless pink juices stop releasing from it. Once that is achieved, it means your dish is cooked and it is ready to be served hot and tasty to your friends.