The Best Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes - Flour-less version ensures that one prepares gluten free chips offering even fewer calories. Low calorie chocolate chip cookie recipes, are available in plenty but this recipe is very organic and healthy pick.

Ingredients required include

* 3/4th cups oats
* quarter cup baking soda
* a pinch of celtic salt
* 2 tablespoons of brownsugar
* chocolate chips(semi-sweet)
* One tablespoon of melted butter
* one and half or two cups of almond milk
* coconut oil for greasing.

After preheating the oven for 375F, dry ingredients are blended in separately as mentioned above, and wet ingredients blended using a blender in another bowl, and followed up with addition of, the two ingredients with 1 and 1/2 cup of almond milk initially(add extra if needed) to prepare a dough like mixture.

Place the balls of dough on greased sheet and bake it for about 6 minutes. This a great choice from the, many options for fewer calorie chocolate chip cookie recipes available online.