Chicken Marsala Recipes Chicken From Italy

Chicken Marsala Recipes Chicken From Italy - You can always find a wide variety of chicken marsala recipes on the internet and most of them can be easily prepared at home. Actually, chicken marsala is an elegant dish of brown chicken breasts braised in a rich sauce of marsala wine, shallots mushrooms and chicken sauce. There are a lot of variations made on the basic chicken marsala recipes but these ingredients are common in all of them.

Generally, the marsala sauce is reduced to syrup like consistency before they are served. You can also go for the chicken marsala recipes with cream and for a creamy chicken marsala you can add cream to the sauce just before it is served.

Marsala is one of the best fortified wines from Italy and it can really make an outstandingly delicious and sweet sauce when used in any easy baked chicken marsala recipes. Generally, it does not take more than an hour’s time to prepare chicken marsala at home. The most attractive thing about them is that as a family meal this is a really easy and elegant recipe and it can be used equally well for any special occasion too.

The ingredients

Most of the ingredients used in the chicken marsala recipes are not expensive and are also quite readily available in the market. Of course, chicken is the primary ingredient and you must decide upon the amount of chicken depending upon the number of persons you will serve.

But most chicken marsala recipes uses 1lb. chicken as a standard amount and all the other ingredients are used in right proportions. If you change the amount of chicken then adjust the amount of other ingredients accordingly.

Apart from boneless chicken breasts, you also need ¾ cup of flavoured Italian crushed croutons, a cup of sliced baby portabella mushroom and one crushed garlic clove along with some salt, pepper, butter and half a cup of marsala wine on which the dish is named.

The distinctive flavour of the marsala wine is really difficult to duplicate and is the primary attraction of the elegantly prepared chicken marsala recipes. Chicken marsala with a creamy sauce is also a very popular item and to prepare this variation along with all the other ingredients that we have already mentioned above; you need 1/3 cup of heavy cream which you will use with the sauce. You can always go for either of them with cream and without cream chicken marsala recipes depending upon your choice but you can be always assured that they will taste equally great.

Some tips

One very important thing that you must keep in mind about chicken marsala recipes is that you should never spend a lot on your cooking wines and try to buy something that you would never drink straight. If you use half a cup of marsala wine and a quarter cup of sherry wine in your recipe then it will add a more distinct flavour to your preparation. There are so many chicken marsala recipes available online and you must taste any one of them to understand really how much elegant and delicious they are.