Easy Chicken Breast Recipes Made for Meal Prep

Easy Chicken Breast Recipes Made for Meal Prep - Are you looking for easy chicken breast recipes? If yes, you have come to the right place. There is a variety of meats available in the supermarket today and one of the most convenient is skinless, boneless chicken breasts. To make these perfect recipes, opt for chicken breasts that are tender, juicy and fresh. You will not find it hard to find and prepare the ingredients because they are easy to find staples in your pantry. Your loved ones will surely love these recipes especially the little ones because kids are known for being chicken lovers.

Our suggested recipe for chicken breast is called Cheddar Garlic Oven Fried Chicken Breast. Here is the list of ingredients you will need for this recipe:

1/3 cup of melted butter
4 chicken breasts (boneless skinless)
2 tbsp of minced garlic (use more or less)
½ tsp of ground black pepper
2 tsp of garlic powder (can use more)
¼ cup of parmesan cheese (freshly grated)
½ tsp of seasoning salt (white salt can be used)
¾ cup of seasoned dry bread crumb (can use plain)
½ cup of cheddar cheese (finely grated) and shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese (optional).

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.; For 4 breasts, use an 11x7-inch pan and for more than 4 breasts, use a larger pan. Butter the pan; Stir in fresh minced garlic, melted butter, 1 tsp of garlic powder and salt in one bowl; In a separate bowl, stir in dry bread crumbs with ½ cup of cheddar cheese (finely grated), ground black pepper (coarse), 1 tsp of garlic powder and Parmesan cheese; Dip chicken breasts in butter mixture then in the crumb mixture; Place dipped chicken breasts in the prepared pan then bake for 35-45 minutes uncovered or until cooked well. The larger the breasts, the more time it will take for baking them. If you want crust to be crispier, place the chicken breasts on a rack in the prepared pan; Lastly, top with mozzarella or cheddar cheese the last five minutes of baking or cooking (optional).

You are done with this great recipe. Your loved ones will absolutely get hooked on this. This is only one of the numerous recipes for breast chicken. There’s a lot more available out there in various cook books.