Easy Breakfast Recipes for kids, School weeks

Breakfast Recipes for kids, School weeks - For school going kids, breakfast and dinner are the only meals a parent may be able to have the child. Now, when breakfast is skipped or rushed, it is not enjoyable. It is therefore a great idea to come up with some recipes for school days in order to form a habit of never missing breakfast and to avoid the rushed feeling both you and your child may get fumbling through the fridge and pantry wondering what combinations make a meal.

If left to themselves, kids will not have a problem with having two different desserts for breakfast. This is where the role of the parent comes in, to provide guidance to a healthy start of the day.

Though most cereal packs will have easy breakfast recipes for kids, it is not practical to follow the same recipe Monday through Friday. Kids are easy to please, so you do not really have to think very hard when creating recipes. For instance, having varied pancakes alternated with periods of parfait made of yogurt and fruit will make everything seem exciting and both of you will have a great morning. Pancakes are easy to make, and kids love them, so you can either make the normal plain flour and sugar pancake or spruce it up with a cut fruit or fruit juice. Here is the basic recipe.

You will need

2 eggs

3 table spoonful sugar

Half cup of all purpose flour

Half teaspoon baking powder

Half cup of milk or soy milk


Pour and Mix the ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is smooth and falling easily off the spoon.

Spray a pan with cooking oil, or spread butter on it to prevent the pancakes from sticking.

Brown them on both sides, and Voila! Light and fluffy pancakes

This basic recipe can be integrated into varied breakfast recipes for kids, to make the pancake more nutritious by adding either pureed pumpkin into the mix, or peanut butter.

Another quick option is a peanut butter with fruit sandwich. With these, even the children can make by themselves the night before. Having different of fresh and dried fruit handy will help them have a variety to choose from. It may also help to have yogurt in small packs which they can grab in the morning. A good routine is to have a list stuck to the fridge of quick combinations which the children can easily pick out. On the weekends, boil enough eggs and freeze them to be used through the week

At times, breakfast recipes for kids are a s simple as warming up last night’s dinner. If it was something interesting enough such as whole meal banana bread with slices of bacon, why not? Some children have absolutely no objection to micro-waved pasta with ham slices for breakfast. If you can make it presentable enough to avoid looking to last-night-ish, few can resist. Freshly blended juice is also a great incentive for them to enjoy breakfast, especially if you let them be involved in the blending.