The Best Easy Breakfast Casserole Recipe

The Best Easy Breakfast Casserole Recipe - Casserole dishes are loved for their stored flavor that beats their quickly cooked dishes. In fact, if one compared the result from similar set of ingredients with the different cooking methods, one will find a significant difference. If you are new to this or want to freshen up your knowledge, we shall go to the real basics which include choosing the cooking ware to coming up with the best breakfast casserole recipe. We shall also consider how best to make your family look forward to these casserole dishes, and not to see it as another burden to their feeding system. The more regular you provide the casserole option, the more it becomes a routine and soon enough it will be part of the lifestyle.

When choosing a casserole pan, there are various choices and depending on your needs, you can choose glassware, cast iron or ceramic. Since this will also be used in serving, it will help to get a durable one that can be used both on the table, the stove and in the oven. Some require you to brown the ingredients on a stove before baking; it is more convenient to just get a casserole that can be used for both. You will have less work, less mess to clean up, and the juicy bits remain in the pan.

In order to get the best breakfast casserole recipe outcome, when choosing cuts of meat, go for tougher bits like the loin and neck parts in the case of goat meat. The idea is, since these tougher parts take time to cook, they are therefore best suite add for this kind of cooking since their flavor comes out slowly into the other ingredients, and the result is tender, scrumptious meet.

One such recipe requires the following

* One Kilogram of Goat meat
* One large Green Bell Pepper
* 2 Spoonfuls of ground peanuts
* I Large Onions
* Salt to taste
* 2 Tomatoes
* Oil
* A little flour

How to put it all together:

1. Mix the onions, tomatoes, green pepper in a bowl and mix in the meat.
2. Leave for half and hour then take out the meat
3. Brown the meat in oil lightly, then remove and cover in flour
4. Take the pieces and put them in the casserole
5. Add a little water and cook for half an hour
6. Add in the vegetables, salt and ground peanuts, add enough water to create a thick paste
7. Cook for another hour.

This can be served as a side dish; it can also be packed inside any variety of flat breads. What is great about these recipes is that it contains most of the essential nutrients need for a breakfast. It is quite filling so you won’t be grabbing coffee flavored bars from the candy dispenser at 10 o’clock. It will help your stomach to hold on until lunch.

When the dish contains vegetables, it is usually best to add them when the dish is nearly done to avoid overcooking them. The best breakfast casserole recipe should be made from the usual items found in the kitchen.